Computerised warehouse

The warehouse is one of the strengths of Samec. The arrangement and storage of approximately 10,000 product codes is managed through a computerised system and all components are identified by barcode labels.

The activities carried out in the warehouse are aimed at ensuring quality, and in particular the control of the goods received by suppliers, preparing materials for internal and external production, appropriate management of the documentation.

The warehouse has an overall surface of approximately 2,000 m2, and handles both materials from customers received for processing, and own materials for internal full productions, taking care of distributing the requirements calculated through the Bills of Material (BOM).

SMT Assembly

The assembly of components using wave or Vapor Phase technology allows to obtain the best possible quality, whilst also ensuring compliance with electronic regulations.

For the assembly of SMT components, Samec uses line machinery and carries out welds using forced air or Vapor Phase ovens.
During the assembly operations the process is monitored through optical checks.

In the SMT process, all the boards are subjected to optical inspections using an automated system that allows the identification of production defects.
The 22Xfw automated optical inspection system allows to compare the image of the boards being inspected with a sample stored on the computer.

THT Assembly

All the production requiring manual assembly (e.g.: wiring, display) is entrusted to specialist technicians, who very skilfully carry out welds of the best quality and group cables together following the layout provided by the customer.

In this respect, we offer complete apparatus assembly, from the electronic board to the complete cabinet, including internal controls, external controls, interfaces and power enslavement through relays and/or on/off controls external to the board.

Electromechanical activities

Samec also carries out electromechanical assembly activities, offering a finished product ready for sale.

Total board testing
and quality control

All the electronic boards can be tested individually, ensuring 100 % check, or following agreed testing patterns.

Running tests are carried out subject to customer request.