Why work with Samec?

With an overall area of 2500 m2, Samec has been working in the electronics sector for over 35 years.
Since 1999, the company has been implementing a certified quality system on all its processes, and since 2005 its activities have been in compliance with RoHs regulations. The company carries out its assembly, design, material procurement and testing activities using highly technologically skilled and trained personnel. The company has a reputation as a solid and efficient organisation, capable of meeting all the civil and industrial domain requirements.


The activities of Samec are in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 regulations.
They can be summarised as follows:
  • Commercial activities, offers, acquisition of orders and contract reviews.
  • Processing of technical documents regarding processes and testing, following the specific requests of the customer.
  • Material procurement.
  • Material procurement.
  • Manufacturing, production process control.
  • Testing, if required in the technical specifications.
  • Packing, storage and shipment.

SAMEC manufactures electronic circuits and equipment to customer design. This includes the assembly and wiring of the components, finishing operations, and testing if required. The activities are carried out by qualified personnel, experienced in their own sectors and well trained. The company uses automatic component positioning machines. The main electronic circuits manufactured by SAMEC are used in industrial and civil electronics applications.



The quality system of the company is UNI EN ISO 9001-2015 certified

A reliable and heavily expanding company

Samec projects

Elighting by Samec is a wide-ranging project that allows expanding the light control system into a system that perfectly integrates with the “Smart City” concepts that are currently becoming very widespread in Italy and abroad.

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The Prex Electronic Rosary, the first one fully Made in Italy, brings technology at the service of spirituality. Simple and practical to use, just press one of the buttons and select the day of the week: a new way to immerse yourself in your daily prayer.

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